Monday, April 24, 2006

Welcome To The Sex Secrets Blog

Hello and welcome. Come pull up a seat as long as you dont practice the secrets I'm about to reveal in this blog while your in it. I will be your sex god today and I will be letting you in on some of the worlds most closely guarded sex secrets.

The Sex Secrets I am going to let you in on have been kept under lock and key for ages by such people as the gigalo's of Amsterdam, The Ming Dynasty, and some very loyal Showdin Monks that took a vow of silence over it. Now it is my turn to pass these sex secrets down to you.

But first you must SWEAR to me that you will do the same by keeping them a secret. The governments of the world would be insanely pissed and the world will become over pupulated to the point there may be a nuclear war just to thin the population.

There are great consaquinces involved if everybody knew how to pleasure your partner every single time. The world would be on big orgy and there would end up being babies everywhere.

So now I have to ask you to raise your right leg and repeat these words outloud. "I Your name swear to never let anybody know the sex secrets I will find out here to anybody no matter how sorry of a lover they really are.If I do so I will totaly fuck up the balance of the world."

Ok now that big step is over. Now to get on with the good stuff. Enjoy reading your very own sex god's highly guarded sex secrets. Now dont forget you took that oath.

I will post as often as I can so come back frequently so you can keep up. If you practice these sex secrets and learn them you to will become a complete sex god. Who knows you may even discover your own sex secrets.


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