Thursday, July 13, 2006

Diary Of A Horney Pregnant Woman

87 days to go! on Jul 9th, 2006 8:58:37 pm EST
well that's what some silly pregnancy web site i signed up for tells me! still sounds like a lot hehe.

i had to enlist j's help yesterday with some trimming of the pink bits. i haven't been able to see/reach properly so things haven't been as nice as i usually like them. so in he came with his electric razor while i stood in the tub to give me a little haircut. once the trimming was complete we had to move onto some more in depth shaving.

so for my next sexy during pregnancy move there i was lying on the bathroom floor with j between my legs shaving me! it was pretty funny. we were expecting a ton of people over for a big bbq in a few hours and the phone had been ringing a lot with last minute questions and i joked someone might call, "what you doing?" hehe

but it all paid off even though we didn't get into bed until nearly 1. the last time we had sex j was putting the moves on and i said "it's really late and i have to get up early". "it'll only take a few minutes" j said. so i sighed, jokingly, and said ok. 8 minutes later we were all happy and snuggled and ready to doze! so last night i said "it's 12:41!" and he said "8 minutes remember" with a smile. "oh yeah?" i said as he climbed between my legs sliding right in. "gee you were ready" he said.

everything felt really nice with less fuzziness and so i moved against him grinding into him and of course the bunny. i was done quickly, i've always had kick ass orgasms and my pregnancy ones are awesome but feel a bit different from normal somehow. so i took a moment to regroup and then encouraged j to have his way with me. he shuddered and collapsed beside me at 12:50. "9 minutes!" i said as if he broke some rules. "but you know, we didn't really start until 12:42" j replied. smartass happy.gif
3 nights in a row!! on Jun 26th, 2006 8:21:26 pm EST
ok well the first night wasn't really a night, he tried but i was dead tired!

j hasn't been sleeping with me since i'm a snore monster during pregnancy it seems. he's been camping out on the couch, or across the hall in the spare room. but now his parent's are here for a visit and he has no choice but to sleep with me! MUWHAHAHAHAHAHA

anyhow so friday was the first night together in a while. he put some moves on but honestly i was exhausted from all the work with report cards and around the house, i was beat. so when saturday night arrived we were both ready for some loving. of course you never realise how loud vibrating toys are until you actually have to be aware of how much noise you're making! between the giggles and 'shhhhh's we managed to have some fun. i don't know if i was anxious that we might get heard or holding back to be quiet but things weren't happening for me, despite the bunny, doggie style (my fav) and some other positions. so i just let j have his way with me.

so of course i was delighted, although surprised, when he got into bed on my side last night and directly climbed between my legs. 'oh yeah?' i asked with a smile. 'yep' he said. and that was that. once again we got the bunny out but since it was a warmer night we had the little AC in the window on and what do you know it masks the sound of the bunny perfectly! we were just enjoying boring old man on top, trying to work around the belly, and i was just grinding into j hard and close while the bunny vibrated on my clit. it couldn't have been more than 30 thrusts/strokes and i was enjoying a lovely orgasm. i had to yank the bunny off since it was pretty intense. 'what do you want?' i asked j and he just replied, 'i think this is fine' and just went crazy thrusting into me. it was nice. we collapsed sweaty and happy. wonder what tonight brings happy.gif
2 beds but still fun on Jun 6th, 2006 9:08:18 pm EST
we were away for saturday night. when we opened our hotel room i heard j happily say 'yes! i get my own bed!' of course i had mixed feelings because having your own space is nice but snuggles are nice too.

when we finally went to bed after the days events i was reading in my bed and j was watching some tv in his. we had been at a wedding and i guess the loud music was making the baby move so i invited j over to feel it. it's not really at the point where he can feel it yet, guess i have the advantage of feeling it on the inside and outside. but he kissed my belly anyhow and then leaned down and kissed my pussy and said 'i'll be back for you later' it was cute.

so later came and he hopped back over to my bed and we had some oral fun, well i received some lovely tongue lashings. then i climbed on top, fully intending to slide back down and return the oral favour but i guess i got carried away and the belly wasn't in the way too much so i just rode him until he came that way. we snuggled for a bit and then he wandered back to his own bed . . . sadly, i got the wet spot sad.gif
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belly intruding on Jun 6th, 2006 8:28:18 pm EST
well we finally found some time for lovin' on the weekend. saturday morning j was apparently feeling frisky and we had the time for once and i wasn't tired, since i'm in bed by about 9 lately. unfortunately, we learned that my belly is starting to impede such activities.

first we tried j on top but he complained it was in the way. so we switched to me on top but still noticed a difference. i couldn't really lay down close onto him and staying up was a bit difficult too. of course he also commented on my belly while i was up there so that probably didn't help.

eventually he told me to just get on my knees and he jumped up behind me. not that i'm complaining, i love it like that, but i found it funny since i'm pretty sure that's how our little one was made happy.gif
hungry rant on May 30th, 2006 9:38:16 pm EST
k so i need my man!

lately it seems he has a legion of reasons to not find time to have some bedroom fun with me, hockey, work, things on his mind, being stressed . . .blahblahblahblah. but in about 4 months things are going to get even more complicated around here so time is of the essence!! we have to seize the day!!! i know i may not be the hottest thing out there what with my expanding belly and all but c'mon!


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