Thursday, July 13, 2006

Hollywoods Best Kept Sex Secrets: Steamy Moves #4

Steamy move #4: Take charge

The first time detective Michael Douglas and decadent novelist/murder suspect Sharon Stone have sex in Basic Instinct, they're in her bedroom. The fun starts with the cop on top, but then Stone pulls a switcheroo: She makes him lie on his back and ties his wrists to the headboard, then climbs on top and brings them both to climax.

Why it's so hot: So you're not a wanted criminal. No problem. The key here is for you to take control.

Staging secrets: You don't need anything fancy to try this out: A man's tie, a pair of stockings or a scarf will all work well. If you don't have bedposts, use extra-long or stretchy stockings, tying them around one leg of the bed (so that his arms are close together behind his head) or around two adjacent legs.

Hollywood's Best Sex Secrets (Steal 'em Tonight!)

I normally would really dig the idea of not being in controll. It is nice to let your woman have her way with you. Lets face it no matter if you are in controll or it is a joint partnership or if she is in controll it all feels good right. Hell no matter how you look at it sex is just good. Now that is no sex secret.

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