Thursday, July 13, 2006

Hollywoods Best Kept Sex Secrets: Steamy Moves #5

Steamy move #5: Try a taste test

The movie 91/2 Weeks is famous for the delectable scene in which Mickey Rourke has a bathrobed Kim Basinger close her eyes and sit on the kitchen floor; then he hand-feeds her a sexy smorgasbord of everything from a black olive to a strawberry. Finally he drizzles honey on her tongue and legs, then rubs it into her thighs...and the rest is left to your hungry imagination.

Why it's so hot: When your eyes are closed, all your other senses awaken. Plus, there's a tantalizing imbalance of power when one partner can see and the other one can't. So here you've got both: the sensuality of feeding and eating and the erotic power of trust.

Staging secrets: If you feel awkward suggesting new sexual positions or locations to your mate, a little food play is a less aggressive way to try something different. Paget suggests you start with a shopping trip in which you choose the foods you want to use, or in a restaurant where you give each other a taste of your meal. "Here, honey, taste this foie gras," you say as you feed it to him, letting your fingertip slip momentarily into his mouth. When you get home, try Rourke's game either with closed eyes or a blindfold: You can take turns feeding each other.

Hollywood's Best Sex Secrets (Steal 'em Tonight!)

I myself dont really like the idea of this one. I have some fierce allergies at times and the whole taste thing just will not work for me. But I can only imagine that this could be very pleasureful for the normal person.

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