Thursday, July 13, 2006

Hollywoods Best Kept Sex Secrets: Steamy Move #1

Steamy move #1: Grab some backseat action

Early on in the political thriller No Way Out, Kevin Costner and Sean Young encounter each other at a Washington soiree. After some sizzling eye contact, flirtatious banter and two shots of Stoli, they leave together in a limo...and get right to it, as their chauffeur drives them past the night-lit splendor of Washington's most phallic monument.

Why it's so hot: The risk of being seen, the urgency, the close quarters, even memories of backseat teenage passion combine and combust to fuel the engine of car sex.

Staging secrets: Start out at a movie, a nightclub or a party -- and flirt with each other like crazy. When the time is right, get in the car and head for a spot where you won't be interrupted (such as a country road or a quiet alley). If you don't have a backseat big enough to stretch out in, try sliding the front passenger seat back as far as it will go. This gives you room to kneel on the floor or for you to climb onto his lap. Important: Wear a skirt -- and as little underneath as possible. You want clothing you can push out of the way rather than remove altogether (just in case you're discovered and have to regroup in a hurry).

Hollywood's Best Sex Secrets (Steal 'em Tonight!)

I dont know how much of a secret this is. I am sure that most people out there would have to agree with me that some hot back seat action is always great. I love the excitment of possibly being caught or watched

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