Thursday, July 13, 2006

Hollywoods Best Kept Sex Secrets: Steamy Move #2

Steamy move #2: Get up against the wall, baby

A misunderstanding between Ellen Barkin and Al Pacino in Sea of Love almost derails their passion: When she slips into the bathroom to attend to some prenooky details, he assumes she's going for her gun. After the ensuing scuffle, it seems unlikely that they'll recapture their intimacy. But then the little minx pushes Pacino face-forward into the wall and caresses him from the back until he's crazy with lust...and they do it right there, standing up.

Why it's so hot: Tension in the air can translate into explosive sex, and the brusqueness of doing it standing up carries on that intensity.

Staging secrets: To get your guy up against a wall for some lovin', you can either ambush him and push him in the right direction, or you can simply lean into the wall seductively, crook your finger and say, "Come here, honey." As for doing the deed: If you're close to the same height, lean back against the wall and let him bend his knees, then slowly straighten out. Or, if you're smaller than your guy, have him lift you up and press you into the wall.

Hollywood's Best Sex Secrets (Steal 'em Tonight!)

I myself dont really like the having sex agains the wall thing. This is not even really possible with the adverage size woman unless you are pretty ripped. Contrary to popular belief the adverage woman is slightly over weight and not anything like those movie actresses.

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