Thursday, July 13, 2006

Males - Have Multiple Orgasms

For Men: How to Have Multiple Orgasms Part 1
Enabling a man to have multiple orgasms and keep his erection even after orgasm is simple. The problem is that learning how to do this is elusive. Many components are involved including, Tai Chi Breathing, Meditation, Chi Guiding, and finally Physical Stimulation. But we will start somewhere simple.

The answer begins with the corpus cavernosum urethræ. As a man, Yourself and your partner can practice this. After erect, stroke the kidney reflexology region of the penis at the same rate as your pulse (see illustration below... Tantra Sex ).

This will raise your pulse. You will also want the rest of your penis to be stimulated. When your pulse is as high as it can get without accellerating, move up to the liver region (the bottom half of erect penis) and repeat.

Finally, when you just cant take any more, move up to rub from the liver region to the stomach region. Do not touch the bulb or head of the penis. And stop rubbing the kidney part of the penis. Remember, you are ONLY rubbing the corpus cavernosum urethræ.

This lesson will teach the man to have an orgasm without contact to the head of the penis. This is anologous to a G-Spot Orgasm for a woman where the clitoris is NOT stimulated. The rubbing of the kidney part of the penis and the bulb will create higher ejaculation pressure. So avoiding those areas will help train you to distance your orgasm from your ejaculations.

Distancing and seperating your orgasm from your ejaculations is necessary because you will begin to learn how to have multiple orgasms without ejaculating. Hence, experience multiple male orgasms without loosing your erection.

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This is a great post. You usally hear about women and having multiple orgasms but rarely do you really hear about men and them having multiple orgasmns. Well guess what, here is another sex secret exposed. There is a technique that can be used to reach multiple orgasms for males as well.

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