Thursday, July 13, 2006

So You Want To Tape Your Very Own Sexcapades? You Better Read This First

Wanna Tape Your Sexcapades? Read This First

Sure, it's entertaining to watch the stars go at it, but ever thought of videotaping you and your husband having sex? Rule number one: As Paris Hilton would likely suggest, have a really safe place to lock up the tape. And label it (using wording you'll recognize -- say, "Jen and Mark #1") so you won't accidentally pop it in the VCR when you and your kids are trying to find that tape from last weekend's ice-skating outing.

Now, as for the artistic stuff: For fun, film your fantasy. (Pizza delivery boy? Table dancer in a bar?) Also, don't take turns playing cinematographer: Get both of you in the shot by locking your camera into place with the widest angle lens you have. And keep the lighting bright but not harsh. Try replacing your lamp shade with a white paper lantern (available at housewares stores) and position the lamp just outside the frame for a soft, sexy glow.

Hollywood's Best Sex Secrets (Steal 'em Tonight!)

Taping your very own porno can be very fun. There is nothing like popping in that tape to get your sexual juices flowing and getting your partner in the mood. There is just something about watching your selves going at it that is unlike anything else

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